Der Reihentänzer

This project was inspired by the works of Buster Keaton. The task to capture a new script with a 1920s look was a good challenge. An initial 2-month research was required, and later followed by several weeks of planning. The filming of a silent film that briefly describes the relationship between a dancer and his demanding coach. In order to achieve a realistic black-and-white look, a super 8 Camera was put to use along with specific spot lights, and a much controlled environment. In addition to the technical aspects, the requirements of aesthetics demanded the inclusion of costume design, an experienced make up artist and later the film was developed by the team itself.

Direction: Emerson Martus
Production: Emerson Martus
Production assistant: Lisa Petersen
Editing: Julian Pauli
Light and camera: Julian Pauli
Actress: Lea Balzer
Actor: Ismael Belabid
Make up artist: Julia Schnurawa
Set photography: Paul Müller